Contagious Happiness: What makes you so happy that when others look at you they become happy, too?


PROMPT: What makes you so happy that when others look at you they become happy, too?

Is there something in your life that simply makes you feel sooooo happy?  What is it?

Is it a person?  A place?  A thing?  An activity?

Are you alone?  With someone else?  In a crowd?

Why is it so contagious that it creates happiness in another?

Take some time today and think on that “thing.”  Imagine yourself being that happiness.  What does it look like?  Let your memory of that “thing” inspire some fun writing today.

When I read this question, I immediately think of an activity: dancing.  Dance, dance, dance . . . there is never enough time in the busy weekend to get enough dancing in.  I am not thinking of the kind of dancing that you do for the security cameras at work or the mellow swaying-back-and-forth kind that you do listening to reggae at the bar.  It isn’t the kind of dancing that you do when no one else is watching.  Although it can be a lot of fun to reallyreally shake it at home when no one truly is watching, this is not enough for me.  Moving like an awkward and untrained Footloose Flash Dancer makes my dog actually look quite worried about my sanity and the future filling of his dog dish – if I am permitted to do some anthropomorphizing here.

The kind of dancing I am talking about is The Dance of Connection.  While tango dancers will tell you that they have the edge on Connecting on the dance floor, I can honestly say that shaking my booty to some hardcore funk at a bikers’ bar will allow for tango-quality connecting.  I mean, come on.  When was the last time that you did the Bump with someone who actually remembers how to do it?  This is a rare moment.  I had the good fortune to engage in this style of dancing a few weekends ago at a local roadhouse. I looked the fool but had so much fun while in that very moment.  That spot of time that stood still while connecting with something mysterious that can only be described as ridiculous happiness.

And if I were to analyze and dissect and replay my dancing that night, it might be a stretch to say that it made others happy to see it . . . other than that it might have made them happy that they weren’t dancing with me as their partner.  Such things in life involve great risk.  A sense of failure could ensue.  I could be bumped smack into the brass section.  I could be banished into the Field of Wallflowers for the rest of the night. I might have the best time dancing ever.

Baby steps of Risk.  Sometimes this is enough.  Sometimes Risk doesn’t require me to jump out of a plane or tip over backward onto the floor in a game of Limbo.   PowerFun in the moment calls upon me to be open and receptive and not concerned if no one thinks that I am a good enough candidate for Dancing with the Stars.  Shaking it and laughing while I am doing it, it’s enough.  More than enough.  It is the Moment.  So simple yet so powerful a connection in Life’s Dance.

So . . . a prompt for you: What makes you so happy that when others look at you they become happy, too?  Please, do share your Happy with the rest of us.






7 thoughts on “Contagious Happiness: What makes you so happy that when others look at you they become happy, too?

    • Yes! Dancing and laughter . . . there seems to be an overlap here with what others are sharing . . . connecting and laughing and feeling motivated to grow more “contagious happiness.” There is nothing more fun than just bustin’ a move or letting loose with a belly laugh or hearing someone else erupting with laughter. Just writing about all of this Contagious Happiness makes me feel happy! A great way to move through the day and into the evening. Who doesn’t want to emanate a glow of happiness?


  1. Telling a funny story WELL always lights me up. If I can create that connection you wrote about, I am a happy, happy woman. And why not tell a better-feeling story than relate actual events? So what if I embellish a bit? If the story is a hit, it “grows” during the next retelling, and so on. I’m not reciting verbal history so the need for accuracy is minimal. The need for laughter, however, is paramount.


    • Amen! I really like what you write here. Telling a funny story is like giving the gift that keeps on giving and connecting. As you so eloquently said, the embellishing grows the story into something that is better and better. It is like embroidering the event with the right dashes of color and texture. I once read that when we tell a story, we connect with our own “truth” . . . and we grow connections by linking our “truth” to another’s laughter. Magical, right? Awesome sharing!


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