Prompt: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

if you could not fail PROMPT: What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I ask myself this question and my answers are myriad.  Wild and untrammeled. So. Many. Things.  I would climb a mountain.  Travel to a country where I do not speak the native language.  Speak in front of hundreds of people about my research.  Give a radio interview.  Become friends with my ex.  Train my dog to walk off-leash.  Simplify my lifestyle.  Give up pasta. I would pursue my writing with the passion that drives me.  That lives within.  I would boldly and fearlessly remove my editing hand from my writing hand and write uncensored.  Move beyond the borders of my awareness.  I would identify my goals.  My passions.  And create within them.  I would embrace my muse as the friend it is. All things are possible.  Writewritewrite.  And write some more.  Celebrate the words.  And have fun.

6 thoughts on “Prompt: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

  1. I would live like the quintessential gypsy of yore, on the road with what I could stow in my wagon, selling my pretty trinkets along the roadside. I would go places I’ve always wanted to see and meet new and exciting people. I would give up the comfort of my recliner for the thrill of the unknown. To take to the road, I would need to abandon the machine it has taken years to build. The machine demands it be fed so I dutifully go to work each day. I pay my bills and fulfill my family and volunteer commitments. The freedom of living on the road would require I sacrifice most of this. And I’d still need money for gas and food. No job – no paycheck (automatically deposited to my checking account every other week), but no tether binding me to “what is.” I would be free to align with “what will be.” Could I truly trust in the Universe to provide? “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns …” Mathew 6:26. Am I willing to trade my hearth fire for a campfire, or is the fantasy enough?


    • Lovelovelove! What you write here is so rich in imagery and so fanciful, too. 🙂 You ask such great questions that lead me to wonder about my own imagery. Such a balance . . .and yet . . . there is something about that gypsy and her trinkets that must feel so compelling. Maybe we simply have to wow the scale in such an extreme way that we establish a new balance? I ask myself this question and imagine what it looks like. I think we all must tuck away some version of this imagery? What would I do to tip the scale? Thank you for sharing this with us. I can SO see you in this “scene” of creativity and living on the road. What adventures that would ensue! You are a very rich writer. Thank you for sharing with all of us!


  2. This inspires me to be more open and creative with my goal-setting… to take a leap of faith. I like the way you write about identifying goals and passions. This is so important and something that I want to connect with on a daily basis. I think this is the first step in my process!


    • I so agree with you. I really like what you say about being creative in connecting with your goals. Something that I miss some days, to be certain! Identifying goals is something that feels to be so important . . . the other part I try to be aware of (a challenge some/most days) is remembering why I want to arrive at that goal. What is my motivation? It sounds like something that is/should be so inherent to identifying and setting a goal . . . still, there is that “forgetful state of being” that allows me to be so easily distracted by the shiny things that grab my attention. It is so easy to choose “relaxing” over “I’ve got this and I am going to go for it!” Two very different states in my thinking/feeling/being/doing. Thanks for sharing!


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