“F” is for Flexibility


As evidenced by this awesome sign, whoever is running the Flying F. understands the concept of Flexibility.  I like his or her panache.

I have been told that the fishing business is a tough one.  Dangerous, risky, daring.  It requires that rare combination of luck and knowledge and intuition and quick intelligence.  But this sign is a brave testimony to being flexible.  To exploring options.  To not being afraid of announcing major changes.  To being comfortable with not entirely whiting the old options out — love the duct tape!  Brilliant!  To being transparent.  To not caring about aesthetics or what some perfectionist might fuss over.  I don’t know.  I just like what this sign says.  It says to stay flexible and ride the waves.  Roll with the tide.  Pay attention to the weather.  Be appreciative of what is available.  Make lemonade if all you’ve got are spot prawns.  Be open.  Be closed.  Sell Crab.  Or not.  Out of shrimp?  Sell prawns.  Live or Cooked? Be Flexible.