A Lesson from the Subconscious: the Evolution of Good

Big-life-change-quoteIs there something you are doing that is causing you pain?  Or stress?  Or grief?  Or anger?  Or non-optimal health?  If the answer is yes, stop doing it.  Change your position.  Shift into feeling good.  Change now.  Life really is short.  There is no time for regret.

IMG_0975It is like when you wake up in the middle of the night and you realize that the way your arm is positioned is causing you neck pain.  Your subconscious is so strong, you have been allowing yourself to sleep through it.

You begin to wake up and you become aware of the pain.  You may linger a moment before you wake up more fully and you realize you need to move your arm.  You move into a more comfortable position.  You do it without thinking.  Taking care of yourself and moving your arm to a different position is a natural reaction.

Sometimes living out self-destructive behaviors is like sleeping.  We do them from a different level of consciousness.  They cause us pain, but we keep sleeping.  We wake up and we realize that we need to do something different that will remove the pain.  If we are deeply asleep, sometimes this requires us to force ourselves to change position.

It is hard to make a change sometimes.  When we allow our natural instincts the power to protect and to ease, we are in a better position to feel good.  Sometimes the pain lingers, but we are moving in a direction that will allow healing.

Do one thingI sometimes let worry dictate and I remain frozen in a state of fear.  When I allow this, I remain asleep.  And I still feel the pain.  I don’t allow myself to wake up and re-position myself.  My Lesson I want to make the choice for better.

I want better-different.  I want to feel good, and I do want to stay in the web of dreams that protects me from the movement of change.  So, I try to let go of freezing fear.  I want to be warm and fluid and ready to give to another.  I want more than to simply pivot from what is now.  I want a paradigm shift that will elevate both my subconscious and my conscious to a new level.  A better level.

It mystifies me why choosing Better can be so difficult.  The mind is a powerful tool.  And sometimes a weapon.  It can feed the loneliest of fears and derail the best of logic.  Love can change this pattern.  It can switch me to a completely different set of tracks.  What would I prefer?

seashell-754015_960_720I answer this question with no consistency.  I vacillate and I waver and I forge ahead with brave abandon.  I strive to be fearless and to live a life based on the strength of love — not on the power of fear.  Where there is love, there is hope.  Without hope, I flounder and start to sink and splash my fear on all of those around me.

The simple act of acknowledging these thoughts and then putting them into powerful words contains an element of fear as well.  But it is a holy fear.  A spiritual fear.  It is a realization of the consequences that should I opt for less over more, illness over health, famine over plenty, fear over love . . . well, life will not grow me.  This requires a transparency that tears down the veil between subconscious and conscious.  A relationship between these two that transcends fear and grows trust.

And it is the mirrors that my loved ones raise to me that bolster me into action.  My loved ones inspire me to wake up and reconcile with what has been bothering me and to move forward with grace and humor and fullness.  Fulfillment.  I cannot thank them enough for this gift.  It is immeasurable and infinite.  For this, I feel humbled and grateful as I opt for Better in the Evolution of Good.




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