Keep Calm and Love Monday

keep-calm-and-love-mondayIt’s Monday.  I love Mondays.  The new week of hope and promise and abundance is about to begin.  We groove through a weekend filled with preferences and sleeping in and  music and family and chores and reading the newspaper and maybe even some dancing.  Then we land on Monday’s doorstep.  Today, as you enter into your Monday, smile often, look up and around, and realize how fantastic life is.  It is today and you are in it.  Pet the dog’s head before you head out the door.  Thank your barista for that mocha.  Tell her she is awesome for jump starting your morning everyday.  Let someone into traffic ahead of you.  Do something crazy fun. Dance for the security cameras.  Surprise your boss with a smile.   Take a walk on your break and look at the state of the clouds.  Call your sister and tell her you love her.  Send someone a surprise email.  Share some dessert with someone.  Write a letter, a real letter.  Play hopscotch at the bus stop.  And . . . always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.  Because it is.  Your next breath, your next laugh, your next hug, your next decision. grow-786x305 Grow your Monday, intend some abundance, and harvest the beauty.

It is all one beautiful moment that is alive with promise: fresh and new and growing.




4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Love Monday

  1. I love Mondays. I usually add an adjective to each and every Monday, like Magical, Magnetic, Magnificent. I, like you, view Mondays as the beginning of my week. I empower them to set the tone for the week and therefore view them in the most positive light possible. As I drive to work, I’m looking for positive points of appreciation: The cottontail in the front yard, the cloud formations, a great-looking car in the lane next to me. It doesn’t have to be anything major … I’m just mining the moments for something to appreciate. I arrive at work feeling cheerful … ready to greet those who offer the typical lukewarm, Monday-morning “hi” with a rousing “Good Morning!” and a smile. I like watching people tune in, light up, and turn on in response. It’s like performing a random act of kindness. A simple act of cheerfulness can help pre-pave the way for that somethin’ good that’s comin’ down the pike! The good stuff wants to travel the road of least resistance and we make it easiest when we feel joyful and expect the best. There are those who are annoyed or irritated by my good humor at 6:30 a.m. on a Monday morning, but what they think is none of my business! Besides, I’m too busy doing my happy dance!


    • I LOVE what you say here! Mining Magnificent Monday! There is so much beauty all about, as you have so well reminded us. I think that there must be some sort of throwback reaction going on with Monday for a lot of us — something about having to go to school on Monday or something? But, here we are. All creating what it is that contributes to the greater good. It has been a process of awareness for me to shift things around such that I LOVE Mondays now. A reverse double flip throwback reaction perhaps. And what you say about being cheerful makes such a difference, doesn’t it? Puts people in a different mindset, whether or not they appreciate it! “Joyful and expecting the best” — lovely!


  2. I relate to what you describe as a shift in consciousness, Changing how we feel about something isn’t happenstance. It’s the result of deliberately choosing thoughts KNOWING they will result in feelings of well being … or not. Every moment of our experience is a request for something. We get to choose. Want to feel elevated and euphoric, or angry and embittered? You choose. Is your glass half empty, or half full?

    “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.” Auntie Mame


    • Indeed and exactly right. Choice is an enormous option that I sometimes lose sight of . . . as in the instance the forest for the trees. We are in the midst of all of these choices and yet . . . there is a hesitation in choosing to feel elevated. Auntie Mame had it right: Life is a banquet! Thanks for sharing this!


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