Your default: Do you welcome or fear a Change of State?

flip-your-optimism-onLife has a way of grabbing my attention and reminding me daily of what’s important.  Loved ones.  Health.  Friendship.  Family.  Compassion.  Laughter.  My lovely dog companion.  Creativity.  Nutrition and exercise.  Meditation. Generosity of spirit.  Appreciation in the moment.  When I become distracted by the trivialities that numb this awareness,  I oftentimes find myself feeling confronted . . . or greeted . . . . by a Change of State.  Confronted or greeted?  How I determine Change’s perceived benevolence factor is how I shun or welcome it.

The other day I found myself frozen in a moment of experiencing a Change of State.  Frozen.  It was inevitable that a new paradigm was opening its doors to me.  And I was immobilized with fear.

The stealth speed with which I reached this fearful state made me realize that I have fallen — without any conscious permission — into a spiraling habit of pessimism and negativity. It’s as if this negative thinking has metamorphosed my life into a stunted state of fearful being.  This is a different state; therefore, it must be scary or limiting or inconvenient or, simply put, a bad thing.  Life is going to be harder.  I am not going to like this one little bit. Why can’t life give me a break?  Why does everything have to be so much work?

It occurs to me that my current default is to automatically move the needle to the negative side of the meter when approached by something unexpected.  Without even thinking, I just ramp up on adrenaline and brace myself for the worst.

What would happen if I decided to shape and maintain a new habit — a new way of thinking that leads me respond to Change with an excited and happy heart?  What if I welcomed new circumstances and embraced the great unknown with joyful anticipation?  Why not think that good things can come from change?  Why not think that it’s okay to experience the discomfort that pushes me out of my bubble into a new orbit.  That this might be the very thing that my life needs to grow and to appreciate life even more?

I am thinking it’s time to re-set my default.  Accept that Change is in every single moment, whether I am aware of it or not.  Life is moving and flowing and altering its course with every breath.  The journey will feel so much more enriching if I start to see Change as a good thing or, at the very least, a transitory moment from one joyful thing to the next.

A friend and I decided to take on a Positivity Challenge to re-route the heaviness of life’s cares and concerns that some days seem to bring.  We started to embrace a new way of thinking.  We agreed that every morning we would greet each new day by opening our arms wide and thanking God and the Vibrational Universe for all of the abundance in the coming day.  We say this out loud and with happiness in our voices.  We hold each other accountable to our Positive Default mode — even when it might not feel very positive on the immediate surface.

Last night she called me to tell me that she was being audited.  Audited.  If ever there was a time to feel negative, I think that this calls for it!  But our conversation surprised both of us.  Instead of worrying and lamenting, she said that she was going to see the audit process as a way of learning how to improve how she does her taxes in the future.  That maybe she can learn something that will be of benefit in the future.  That it might make the tax filing process more understandable.

Wow.  I mean Wow.  I was, and am, deeply impressed.  I really have to applaud her.  Not only has she re-shaped her default in response to something that any person would dread, she is welcoming it.  She is embracing Change.

To say that I am impressed is an understatement.  I am inspired to re-invent my own views and welcome the unexpected, understanding that it is possible to relax, release fear, and find the goodness in life’s essence.

Do you want to join us in our goal to re-route our default to the positive?

Every morning when you wake up, open your arms wide and say thank you out loud for all of the day’s abundance that is coming your way.  So simple, right?  And so amazing, too.  Flip your optimism to ON!

Please, let us know if you feel a shift in your life in the comments section.  We want to celebrate you, your bravery, your story, and your shift!



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