Be brave when it comes to thorns.


Groucho Marx said it well: “Don’t let the fear of the thorn keep you from the rose.”  We’ve all experienced moments in life when we have been pricked by thorns in our quest for life’s beauty and goodness.  When we have taken risks and been hurt as a result of our bravery.

There are always going to be those times when we feel that we have been pricked one too many times and other times when taking the risk to enjoy the rose just doesn’t feel like it’s a very smart move.  After all, when are we going to learn?  How many times is it going to take?  We begin to wonder about our sense of judgment or our ability to make wise decisions.  We wonder when we are going to learn when it is prudent to prune back some of our impulsiveness.

It’s easy to second guess myself but I can think of several things in life that are worth risking the thorns for: love, generosity, forgiveness, bravery, creativity, change, chances, relationships, decisions.  I have had my share of moments when I have had to draw my hand back quickly and survey the damage . . . but I try to not spend a lot of time in regret.

It takes finesse to be brave and take a risk.  It’s okay to learn, to grow, and to move on.  To follow my heart rather than spend time wishing that I hadn’t hesitated.  To not regret anything that once upon a time made me happy.   It’s too easy to look back and see our mistakes.

Today?  It’s time to smell some roses.

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