Appreciation . . . so elemental

i think you are wonderfulAppreciation:  I think you are w-o-n-de-r-f-u-l.  When I tell you that I appreciate you, I am telling you that I value you.  Value you.  It is something that is so simple and elemental and primitive.  And easy.  And fun!  Oh, my — how much fun appreciation is.  It says: I love this about you!

Appreciation says thank you on the deepest of levels.  Thank you for being YOU.  It creates mega dimensions to life and to love and to laughter and bliss and to universal Truth.  How great is this?  It is absolutely amazing.

Google’s “define: appreciation” reveals: “the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.”  So beautiful.  Recognizing and enjoying the good qualities of someone or something.

Appreciation: I see you.  I think you are amazing.

Appreciating you is a privilege.  When I appreciate you, you — without even knowing it — encourage me to be aware of how great life is.

Is there someone you appreciate?  Please, tell him or her today.  It will rock your world.  Isn’t that the way of following your heart?

Appreciation: I love sharing with you.  I love who you are.

I appreciate you.

4 thoughts on “Appreciation . . . so elemental

  1. Appreciation is an invitation. I subscribe to the idea that every moment of my experience is a request for something. In recognizing that which most pleases me – and offering appreciation for it – I feel I am inviting more of it into my life. And I believe this applies to more than great people and experiences, but also to that which we encounter but do not always acknowledge or appreciate … some of the sweet and simple pleasures in life … like a cloud formation, a rose in bloom, the smell of vanilla, a smiling dog. All we encounter can, and will, amaze us if we take the time to really see it … to become aware of it rather than remaining oblivious to it.

    I will offer one of my all-time favorite quotations AGAIN (sorry):
    Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! – Auntie Mame

    (And I, too, appreciate you and your wonderful way of conveying what you are thinking and feeling.)


    • 🙂 Thanks! Love this quote. And so true. There are those moments — just had one this afternoon — when I truly caught myself and started to tick off all of the good things that I have going on in my life right now. I was falling victim to focusing on that one little thing that is very fix-able. I like the way you write about appreciation being an invitation. I really like this! It does open the door for more blessings and pleasures in life. Having a good attitude toward goodness always turns things around for me in the best of ways. It is one of those feelings that truly feels so great. Thanks for sharing today! Love what you have written!


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