Too Many Ideas?

nautilus_species_shellsDo you ever feel as if you simply have too many ideas?  It isn’t that life is too short to “do” or “finish” everything . . . it’s just that each moment is too tiny to absorb all of the expansion that wants to burst forth from each little second.  This gives me pause, and I wonder What am I doing with each moment?  Am I valuing it?  Living it?  Being it?

We are prompted to be mindful, to be positive, to pivot from overwhelm and turn toward appreciation, to set our intentions with words that reflect an attitude of Yes! . . . all of which contribute to a simply wonderful way to experience and to live.  It is certainly preferable to assume the positive rather than the negative, to be rather than do.  We read good books that teach us to stretch, to reach, and to exercise discipline with regard to all of this positivity . . . but then we stumble upon a stone on the road of reality and topple into an undisciplined state of humanness that allows for such feelings of worry and sadness and depression and even nothingness.

This is all a mystery that sometimes takes hold of one of my single moments with such fierceness that life bursts forth in a blaze that causes me to shield my eyes.  I look away — the brightness causing such illumination that I wonder why I have been contentedly sitting in the darkness.

Today, what is one little thing that you can share, say, be, or do that will light your way toward brighter positivity?  Write it down.  Place it where you will see it.  The bathroom mirror, the wall above your computer, the front door, your wallet or your purse, your car’s dashboard.  Think on it.  Imagine it.  See it.  Be it.

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