What will your grounds reveal about your day today?

turska_kava-iiHappy Tuesday to all of you good people.  I hope that you find the time to relax and have a second cup of coffee on this lovely day.  I love the brewing method of Türk Kahvesi.  Its brewing is an art form and one best learned while watching an expert, having them watch you brew so that they can coach you, and then doing the process on your own.  Then it’s all about practice, practice, practice.  A well-prepared cuppa will have a yummy thick foam at the top.  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Turkish coffee is prepared using unfiltered, super-fine coffee grounds.  The brew is simmered in a copper cezve and then poured into a cup in which the grounds are then allowed to settle.

Some Turkish coffee drinkers believe that the grounds left over after drinking your Turkish coffee can be used for fortune-telling.  If you could have your coffee grounds read today, what do you hope your grounds will say?  What’s in your Dream Box or on your Wish List?

I like the idea of taking a daily ritual and extending that into your daily Positive Intending.  And vice versa.  After all, if I don’t take the time in my busy day to reflect on what it is I want, when will I?  I take the time daily to brush my teeth, make my bed, do the laundry, clean up the kitchen, feed the birds, and, most importantly, tend to my morning dose of caffeine.

When you pour from your copper cezve today, why not create some good fortune and pair some positive thoughts with your second cup of coffee?


2 thoughts on “What will your grounds reveal about your day today?

  1. Love this post! Love this coffee service! I remember my first cup of Cajun coffee brewed by the grandmother of my then boyfriend in her little cabin down by an unnamed bayou in Louisiana. She asked if I liked chicory coffee and I replied I did. She asked what I took in it, and I replied I took it black. She laughed. She brewed. She poured. She waited. And then she laughed some more as that shot of coffee ran from my stomach, to my head, to my toes, back to my stomach, and repeated the sequence half a dozen or more times. I nearly fell out of my kitchen chair! And then she laughed again. I don’t know what was in her special brew besides chicory. Perhaps she added espresso, or another strong coffee. Maybe she brewed it especially strong to test my mettle. Just who was this tall, strange, blonde woman her grandson brought to meet her? Was he serious about her? How would she fit in? Whatever the reason, it’s still the most memorable cuppa I’ve ever experienced. I’ll never forget it, or her, or that crazy Cajun I dated for nearly two years. Heavy sigh. Laisse les bons ton rouler.

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    • Love this story! It sounds like a real hoot and I am sure she appreciated your reaction! It sounds like she made her own version of Turkish coffee – which really packs a punch. Add a little chicory and then you really have yourself a brew! Isn’t it true that it is the remarkable times that set us back a step and that stay lodged in the memory? Such a fun story! Thanks so much for sharing today. I think she was testing your mettle! lol!


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