Finding Your Own Quiet Center


img_3375“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” – William H. Gass

“You can make anything by writing.” – C. S. Lewis

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”               – Flannery O’Connor

“Start writing, no matter what.  The water does not flow until the water is turned on.” – Louis L’Amour

Today, have fun finding your own quiet center of life and writing your thoughts, if only written by tracing the words across the clouds in the sky.




2 thoughts on “Finding Your Own Quiet Center

    • I so agree. So inspiring. There are so many ways to express our True Alchemist, don’t you think? I like the idea of turning lead into gold . . . positive intentions, right? Thanks for your sweet comment!!


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