You know . . . the thing with feathers.


I don’t know about you but I am one of those people who always feels excited when I find a random feather when I am out walking.   I feel especially happy when I find a Stellar’s jay or a flicker feather — two of my favorite birds.  There is something about finding this little gift that adds a sense of promise to the day.  I come home and add the treasure to a egg-blue bowl that is on the center of the table.

When the windows and doors are all open, the feathers lilt out of the bowl and tuck themselves under the couch or behind the laundry room door.  The small downy feathers are the most adventuresome, as they can travel the farthest.  I have even found a few feathers that traveled from the main floor up and over the rail to my open-floor office.  When I again find the treasure in the house, it feels as if the feathers found another opportunity to fly.

I know some people who feel that a found feather is a gift from a loved one who has passed.  It is a little message of love that says, “I am here.  I love you.”  I sometimes feel the same way.  At other times when I am needing a boost, I feel a strong affirmation that every little thing’s gonna be all right.

These little gifts from nature remind me that life is good.  That there is a good measure of synchronicity in any given day.  That if I keep my eyes and heart open, good things are always right here in my very presence.

2 thoughts on “You know . . . the thing with feathers.

  1. When I find a feather, I know it’s from Roger. All coins come from Dad, and Mom sends butterflies and hummingbirds. I love the way you described the migration of feathers within your house. It delights me to think the smallest (and fluffiest) of the feathers are the most adventuresome. I LOVE THIS POST!


    • Thanks! I appreciate your kind words and your sharing about the various “signs” that you receive. I am so with you on this . . . and, yes, coins are definitely from Dad! I love to find these feathers when I am out and about. I always feel like it is a message that says, “Life is good! Look around!” Thanks so much for your comment!

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