Try Something New: See Beyond the Obvious

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focusMark Twain: “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

What does it mean when my imagination is out of focus?  I don’t recognize life’s glorious gifts.  I am easily distracted.  I choose routine and I shun spontaneity.  I see options, not miracles.  I worry rather than allow.  I choose to accept mediocrity rather than to change.  I believe the naysayers.  I neglect the artistic potential of the bottle cap languishing in the gutter and walk on by.  I cease to create.  I might get grumpy or feel trapped or start blaming someone or something else for something insignificant.  I might deny the truth and start assigning blame. A little toad might hop out of my mouth — never to be retrieved and silenced.

I stop loving and I embrace fear.  These are the times when I pull the needle back on the vinyl.  Zzzrrrrrrip.  Time for a do-over. Time to make a difference.  Time to hone the focus of my imagination.

Every day.  My intentions are vivid and sharp.  I strive to be mindful . . . to push beyond the boundaries of the obvious.  To alwaysalwaysalways choose love over fear.  Love over fear.  This is tricky business, especially when daily distractions demand my attention.  I am running late, the dog needs to be walked, I can’t find my red shoes, I spill my coffee on the seat of my truck, I blow out the copier on campus with my crazyenergy . . . It takes very little imagination to understand how this “stuff” affects my focus.  It blows it into vapor — never to be made manifest.

thankful-quote1-300x300I am profoundly appreciative of those in my life who make it so easy and so fun to choose love.  Who inspire me to choose laughter over tears.  Who remind me to think big and go beyond.  Who believe in me.  These are my heroes.  They are the “people who make a difference” in my life.  They are the people who encourage me to keep my focus.  To grow my imagination.  I so love them for this.

I thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.  I do.   toaster oven

This video is an awesome example of seeing beyond the obvious.  Jarbas Agnelli was seeing with his imagination:

Today?  It is my intent to see at least one thing that extends beyond the obvious.  Whew.  Who knows what kind of amazing things might happen today?

7 thoughts on “Try Something New: See Beyond the Obvious

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