. . . what is true, good, and beautiful.

beautiful leaves. positively positive. self love.“Live by the trinity of what is true, good, and beautiful.”  — Alexandra Stoddard —

Beauty.  I seek this.  I search for it all around me.  I use my senses to detect it and to make mental note of it.  I attempt to record it with my pen and with my iPhone and with my camera and with my paintbrush and with my mandolin.  When my soul says, This is beautiful, I try to capture it on the page.  It is so present, yet so elusive.

I can’t store it – no matter how many pictures at different angles that I take of it.  I can post it to my phone’s background and remind myself of that morning on the beach when no one else was there and the rainbow was just so stunning, but can I really experience it again by looking at it on my phone?

Real Beauty is experienced.  And created over and over within the moment.  It is what makes life so exciting.   Beauty lives within us. And it wants to be shared with others.  We all have the power to create beauty from that which is within.  We can make a difference by simply living.  By simply breathing.  By simply being present.  By being intentional in our loving.  By feeling blessed when we experience the trinity of truth and goodness and beauty.



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