What is your Theme Song?

What is your Theme Song today?

What song musically and rhythmically and lyrically describes how you are feeling today? How you want to feel today?

Please, share with us the  title, artist, and even a video link if you would like.  Have fun and shake that thang today!

My Theme Song for today? Joe Cocker’s “Come Together.”  3317-27542.png. Joe Cocker



  1. Joe Cocker’s delivery of this song is amazing.
  2. I like the idea of “doin’ what I please” today, all accompanied by a really awesome bass line.
  3. And I always welcome the opportunity to come together — with my peeps and with my own self.
  4. Plus . . . the colors of Joe Cocker’s suit ( in the diner) are . . . Wow! . . . and  how I want my day to be saturated with positivity.

Feeling good!

6 thoughts on “What is your Theme Song?

  1. LOVE that song! And mai tais on the beach in Hawaii sound like a great idea! Isn’t it fun how songs carry so much association with them. You probably hear that song and there you are! When I hear certain artists, I am transported to different times. It would be fun to make a music time line and see what it looks like. It would surely be eclectic! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Yes! It is so positive and lively and inspiring. I want to get up and dance my way down the street! I haven’t seen any of the response-videos to this song but imagine that they are a lot of fun. Thanks again for sharing it. Very enlivening!


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