808tranquilty: peacefulness, calmness, quietness, stillness . . . if tranquility is on your wish list today, I hope that you find an abundance of it.

When I restore my soul with tranquility, the world feels like a better place.  A more benevolent place.  Perhaps it is because I am taking the moments to restore my spirit to center.  Or maybe it is because I am stopping all of the doing and am focusing on being.  Tranquility focuses inward.  It asks me to be still and look within.  To let the outside world serve as a reflection of what I have chosen.  Of what I have created.

There is no real mystery here.  I seek and find tranquility in the least likely places.  A roadside fruit stand, the trail after it has rained, a pogo-only crowded dance floor, my drive home from work, the quiet of the house as I am shutting it down for the night, the scent of lavender as I am zipping past a neighbor’s garden on my scooter.  Such simple things.

IMG_0719Does a weekend on a remote island help to promote feelings of tranquility?  Yes.  And yes.  It feels so good to get away.  But it also feels so good to be here.  Right here.  In the midst of my office with post-it notes stuck everywhere, my dog snoozing in his bed, the basket of laundry awaiting folding.  It is all here.  And it makes me happy to be part of a world that offers so many gifts at every little notice.

IMG_3097. tranquility


The Bigger Picture


I was out walking the beach today at that time of day when the very last winter light is slipping behind the islands across the water.  I spied this last little bit of sunlight hidden away on the beach.  It felt as if the sunlight wanted to linger just a bit longer on this gorgeous winter day.

Sometimes it feels as if my ideas, hopes, and fantastical schemes are sinking beyond unknown horizons along with the sun. But I know that nature has a way of keeping me both humbled and blessed.  There is nothing like solitude and tranquility and beauty to discover and re-discover who I am and what I am capable of and how much I want to be part of the larger whole that brings peace to my part of the world.

On days when the sun is setting and it feels to be a daunting effort to keep on the sunny side, my memory harvests sunsets like this.  Takes it in and tucks it away.   I am reminded to keep sight of the bigger picture.  And to not let go of the beauty that graces every single day.  Every single day.  Like the aperture on my camera, I have the ability to make it very very tiny and block out the essential parts that add to the beauty and to the panorama of Hope that feeds my desire to grow and to contribute.

Every day I pray for a little miracle.  And today this sunset was it.  It reminded me to appreciate the quiet and to still the voices that do not feel to have my better interests at heart.  It reminded me to be in the moment and look to the present — which is my true daily miracle — one heartbeat at a time.