C’est tout bon! Photobomb your own life today.


242. paddy and cleary in hawaii

Paddy & Cleary’s spontaneous beach detour on their way to the Irish pub up the street . . . theunseenwordsproject.com

You just never know what you are going to discover on any given day.

Sure, these guys aren’t wearing a Speedo or a pair of board shorts, but they sure look like they are having fun.  And these unlikely lads remind me to embrace the moment, even when I feel like I don’t quite belong.  Like in those moments when I feel oddly ill-prepared for what is happening.

I think we all feel this way at times.  Like when it feels like everyone got the call of the memo but me.  Not so much like a duck out of water . . . as a duck actually looks pretty cute when waddling around . . . but more like when everyone has some sense of camaraderie or upbeat awareness or knowledge of this-or-that going on that I am not quite feeling.  I guess the word is Outsider.  Like when I am on the outside looking in on something that I am already a part of.

But then I look at these two jolly fellows, and I realize that nothing says Insider like being comfy with yourself in that very moment of your life.  Being present.  And feeling pretty darned comfortable, even though no one told you to bring your bikini and your beach towel because everyone is heading to the beach and you are part of the collective Everyone.

Embrace.  Be.  Opt for happy.  Know that this moment, too, shall pass if it isn’t exactly a well-suited one.  You don’t even have to kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes if you don’t want to.  You can be you in the way that works for you and have a good time even it it isn’t exactly conforming to some presumed norm.



Maybe being present is a reward unto itself.  It’s enough to know that this is now and that was then and paradigms shift.  That I might find myself on the beach today dressed like the girl-version of a leprechaun and that’s okay . . . because after a day at the beach, the gang is all heading to an Irish bar that will include fiddling, cheering, clogging, tipping a few pints back . . . and I’ll be ready and in my element then, if not a bit saltified and sandified.

Moments pass.  Times change.  Life isn’t always going to feel Picture Perfect.  So why not do a little photo-bombing on yourself today.  If you are feeling like an Outsider do something fun for you that will make you laugh out loud.  See yourself in your own life, even if it feels you’re a displaced leprechaun . . . or even a skinny Santa playing the fiddle while roaming the beaches of O’ahu.

C’est tout bon!  It’s all good.

Be you.


On the Beach in Hawaii

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Daydreaming of beautiful things . . .toaster oven

“On the Beach in Hawaii”

I wish you were here with me
Walking on the beach in Hawaii
Playing on the golden sand
Looking at the ocean, now I understand

Love is like the open sea
And I wish you were here with me
On the beach in Hawaii

Since you’ve been gone away
I think about you everyday
Don’t you know I miss you much
And you know I need your touch . . .