Our Subsumed Lives

to subsumeto include or place within something larger or more comprehensive;   encompass as a subordinate or component element

When you were a child, what did you want to be when your grew up?  

seashell-754015_960_720If you are doing something quite different from what you imagined you would be doing, what happened? What swerved you onto a different path that led you away from your childhood dreams?  Or maybe you are still very much there, living the dream, without even realizing it?

There are many subsuming elements that our lives encounter, embrace, deny, or challenge.  Elements that distract us from who-we-are and steer us onto paths into what  feels to be a foreign country where we don’t speak the language and we don’t understand the customs.

When I was a child, I wanted to be Continue reading

Kick off your shoes . . . and dance!

quote. dance-shoes-351119_960_720

Never miss a chance to dance.  Never.  

It’s Saturday.  If you have the day off, dance.  If you are on your way to work, dance.  

Dancing — guaranteed — will make a fun and positive difference in your day!

The Unseen Words Project wishes you a day of happy dancing.  

You’re looking good, people!  Really good!




The Perfect Vacation:

IMG_2918This thought of the perfect vacation occurred to me when I was sitting in a locals’ brew pub on Maui.  I realized that I hadn’t needed my reading glasses for several days . . . meaning that I had been blessedly away from any printed materials and the computer screen .  As much as I appreciate technology and its many wonders (I truly do), sometimes it just feels so good to unplug, turn my phone off, and just be in the moment that engages all of my senses.

It felt great to take a break from technology.  And it causes me to think on making a conscious effort in my non-vacation days to unplug and seek experiences that engage my senses more fully.

Today, I am going for some balance!  How about you?  What does balance look and feel like for you?

Color – Such a Pleasant Quality

color. such a pleasant qualityColor does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it. – Pierre Bonnard

Happy Color-filled Friday!  For today’s journal prompt, download the prompt below and get out your favorite Friday pen . . . you will be recording five “colors” . . . five “things” that reinforce pleasant experiences in your life.  Yippee!  And yippee for journaling!

For me, the first “color” that comes to mind is helpless laughter — the kind that is snorting, gasping-for-breath, cheek-hurting, and side-splitting.  There is something that is just so enriching and bonding about this kind of laughter.   When I experience helpless laughter, I feel as if my entire system has been rejuvenated, restored, and reset.  It feels so good!  I can remember a time when I was going home after a night of dancing with some friends, and I thought I was going to simply split with laughter.  We were telling stories and just hooting it up and having so much fun.  We eventually pulled until we could get it out of our system.

The funny thing is I can’t remember what it is we were laughing about, but we sure were having fun.  I don’t remember what any of us were wearing that night or who the band was or who I danced with that evening. But I can distinctly remember the moonlit night and the the Joyful White Noise of Laughter that boomeranged throughout the car.

It strikes me that this kind of laughter doesn’t happen nearly enough in my life.  I think about the “features” of this “color” that bring back such happy memories . . . spontaneity, camaraderie, an enormous feeling of letting go.

Here’s the thing . . . one cannot simply summon or command a moment of helpless laughter.  It’s the sort of thing that just happens.  However, I can look for opportunities to create moments that involve spontaneity, camaraderie, and letting go.  Are you with me?  Simply being open to what I value may very well lead me to different shades of happifying.

Maybe I am stretching here.  But this is what I enjoy about journaling:  stretching and growing my perspective in ways that embrace newness that feels good and that enlivens my life.  I am suspecting that the very act of seeking joy in my life is going to bring me joy in return in unexpected and new ways.

Record your five “colors” and let me know what you think.  Click on the aqua-blue link below to download and happy journaling!

Colors. Such a Pleasant Quality. journaling prompt

[Print this prompt out, 3-hole punch it, and start your journaling binder.   Take the writing journey and listen . . . you can’t get lost when you are following your own heart.  After all, you are the only one who can hear what it has to say.  The only one.  Relax, read, think, feel, listen, write.  Repeat.  And enjoy the journey.  It is a fine one, and one that is perfectly-made just for you, I promise.  Life is meant to be grown.]




Who’s your Inner Baby? What do you love to do?

hold-on-to-your-childhood-cause-its-the-only-one-youve-gotWho’s your Inner Baby?  This is a super fun video (1:16) to watch:


We have all read and heard a lot about our Inner Child.  But what about our Inner Baby?  Much gets lost in translation between Babyhood and Toddlerhood.  And on it goes.  Toddlerhood and Tweenhood.  Tweenhood and Teenhood.  Teenhood and Adulthood. Some sense of autonomy or responsibility or conscience or something escalates our levels of self-doubt into radical stages of us double-guessing ourselves.  We gain in experience while our increased awareness of Other lends to added confusion of Self.

I am not a psychologist.  I have not researched what happens to us developmentally while we are growing and being alive.  But I do wonder where my Inner Baby went to.  It is as if something really innocent does get lost as the expectations of society are incrementally imposed.  My sense of spontaneity gets diverted into embracing the ways of politesse.  My sense of joyful random has been  funneled into sit-up-straight-and-behave.

Am I the only one that feels this way?  For example, am I the only one who still gets in trouble every time I go to the museum?  I don’t understand this phenomenon, but every. single. time. I go to the museum, I get scolded for something.  That door isn’t an exit.  Don’t get too close to the painting.  Don’t touch the painting.  Step away from the sculpture.  Don’t take a picture.  Now.  I do know that the doors that are marked in bright red as fire exits are not the acceptable way to locate the restroom.  And I know that breathing on and touching paintings are taboo.  And while I might be checking my phone for the time, it does not follow that I am going to aim and shoot with a damaging flash.  It is really kind of exhausting.

Someone once told me that the reason that I get scolded is that I have long, curly hair.  While I am open to this theory, I do believe that there is something else — perhaps some kind of mischief vibe — that I am giving to the museum’s VSRs.  Maybe it is my Inner-Baby vibe being unleashed without me even realizing it?

It is for the betterment of society that we learn these rules of etiquette.  What a crazy mob scene life would be if we didn’t have this cultural structure  to monitor our words and our actions.

But.  I watch this video, and I can see my inner child being mirrored back to me when I am doing something that I love that is fun and spontaneous.  I love to dance, so this video speaks to me very vividly.  And I can see my Inner Baby when I get out there on the dance floor and shake it.

What do you love to do?  

What is it that you see yourself doing in front of a magic mirror such as the one in the video?  I will refrain from MoonWalking my way through Chihuly’s glass series the next time I go to the museum, but I am going to have a good laugh imagining myself doing so past the docents and the stationed visitor reps.  Time to unleash my Inner Baby and have some fun!