C’est tout bon! Photobomb your own life today.


242. paddy and cleary in hawaii

Paddy & Cleary’s spontaneous beach detour on their way to the Irish pub up the street . . . theunseenwordsproject.com

You just never know what you are going to discover on any given day.

Sure, these guys aren’t wearing a Speedo or a pair of board shorts, but they sure look like they are having fun.  And these unlikely lads remind me to embrace the moment, even when I feel like I don’t quite belong.  Like in those moments when I feel oddly ill-prepared for what is happening.

I think we all feel this way at times.  Like when it feels like everyone got the call of the memo but me.  Not so much like a duck out of water . . . as a duck actually looks pretty cute when waddling around . . . but more like when everyone has some sense of camaraderie or upbeat awareness or knowledge of this-or-that going on that I am not quite feeling.  I guess the word is Outsider.  Like when I am on the outside looking in on something that I am already a part of.

But then I look at these two jolly fellows, and I realize that nothing says Insider like being comfy with yourself in that very moment of your life.  Being present.  And feeling pretty darned comfortable, even though no one told you to bring your bikini and your beach towel because everyone is heading to the beach and you are part of the collective Everyone.

Embrace.  Be.  Opt for happy.  Know that this moment, too, shall pass if it isn’t exactly a well-suited one.  You don’t even have to kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes if you don’t want to.  You can be you in the way that works for you and have a good time even it it isn’t exactly conforming to some presumed norm.



Maybe being present is a reward unto itself.  It’s enough to know that this is now and that was then and paradigms shift.  That I might find myself on the beach today dressed like the girl-version of a leprechaun and that’s okay . . . because after a day at the beach, the gang is all heading to an Irish bar that will include fiddling, cheering, clogging, tipping a few pints back . . . and I’ll be ready and in my element then, if not a bit saltified and sandified.

Moments pass.  Times change.  Life isn’t always going to feel Picture Perfect.  So why not do a little photo-bombing on yourself today.  If you are feeling like an Outsider do something fun for you that will make you laugh out loud.  See yourself in your own life, even if it feels you’re a displaced leprechaun . . . or even a skinny Santa playing the fiddle while roaming the beaches of O’ahu.

C’est tout bon!  It’s all good.

Be you.


The Bigger Picture


I was out walking the beach today at that time of day when the very last winter light is slipping behind the islands across the water.  I spied this last little bit of sunlight hidden away on the beach.  It felt as if the sunlight wanted to linger just a bit longer on this gorgeous winter day.

Sometimes it feels as if my ideas, hopes, and fantastical schemes are sinking beyond unknown horizons along with the sun. But I know that nature has a way of keeping me both humbled and blessed.  There is nothing like solitude and tranquility and beauty to discover and re-discover who I am and what I am capable of and how much I want to be part of the larger whole that brings peace to my part of the world.

On days when the sun is setting and it feels to be a daunting effort to keep on the sunny side, my memory harvests sunsets like this.  Takes it in and tucks it away.   I am reminded to keep sight of the bigger picture.  And to not let go of the beauty that graces every single day.  Every single day.  Like the aperture on my camera, I have the ability to make it very very tiny and block out the essential parts that add to the beauty and to the panorama of Hope that feeds my desire to grow and to contribute.

Every day I pray for a little miracle.  And today this sunset was it.  It reminded me to appreciate the quiet and to still the voices that do not feel to have my better interests at heart.  It reminded me to be in the moment and look to the present — which is my true daily miracle — one heartbeat at a time.





The Way Things Stack Up

Stones pyramid on sand symbolizing zen, harmony, balance. OceanThe way that things stack up don’t always make sense.  You look at a rock cairn and you see dissimilar shapes and textures and sizes.  What doesn’t naturally fit together neatly and perfectly into one whole structure has the potential to allow for balance to offset the dissimilarities in size and shape.

Cairns represent a balance that requires delicacy and a measure of hope. They offer natural beauty presented in a random-deliberate-natural sort of way.  A lot like life.  They do not ask for some added adhesive that will make the balancing act a little easier.  The rocks defy gravity by leaning on each other. Cairns have the potential to  stand for a very long time.  They represent the possibilities that I might have overlooked otherwise.

I am thinking that cairns in the right setting appeal to me.  I do like to see them on the beach below high tide such that the tide will roll in and eradicate the evidence of man — restoring a different natural order.  The ocean is persistent that way.

I have an old scale that I bought at an estate sale.  This scale has seen better-balanced days.  In order for the pointer to balance the beam, I had to add several tiny antique French coins in one of the weights pan.  The coins bring everything up to true.  Balance.  What is it exactly?  We seek it.  We desire it.  We believe that we would appreciate how it feels . . . if we could only be certain that we are actually experiencing it.  There are books and poems and songs written about balance.  Still, I do not know exactly what it means or how it feels in my life.

Vision Board 058We weigh decisions.  And justice.  And mercy.  And priorities.  And options.  We weigh fairness and love and life.  We somehow intuit when something isn’t feeling quite right, so we start to mess with the scale.  We add more coins.  Or we pick up a different rock to add to the cairn.  We deliberate.  Or we sometimes say the-hell-with-it and just give it a go.

Life’s events tumble together, and my carefully-constructed towers of well-thought-out plans are strewn all willy-nilly.  Sometimes I am left with the oddest of pieces to balance back together again.  I see the beauty in the pile of rocks that are before me, and I seek guidance and allow my intuition to lead me.

I recently read a great Irish proverb: “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”   I so agree.  A good laugh is like medicine and a long sleep restores the body and the soul.  Along the vein of cairns, I was thinking about which life blessings provide me with balance: laughter, sleep, forgiveness, appreciation, humility, kindness, patience, travel, adventure, discovery, learning, courage . . .

The way that things stack up at times doesn’t always make sense, but I continue to attempt to counterbalance with those things that point me to true.