The UWP Junk Drawer

The beauty of a Junk Drawer . . .   I think we all must have the equivalent of a Junk Drawer in each of our houses.  It might be a kitchen drawer or a plastic tub under the mud sink or a shoe box in the pantry or a metal tin in the garage.  The great thing about a Junk Drawer is it is an evolving testimony to our lifestyle and its odd and varied priorities.

The Junk Drawer is that unsacred space that receives the stuff that we have no immediate use for but are unwilling to throw away.  We see the value in each item . . . just not in the immediate sense.  We just don’t know how or when the stuff will redeem itself as useful.  And we keep the faith by keeping the stuff.  It is good stuff, after all!  At least that is what I keep telling myself each time I move from one home to another and find myself throwing twist ties into the last box labeled MISCELLANEOUS.

The loose buttons, the rubber bands, the parts to the espresso machine that we don’t quite know how to use.  The candle stubs, the toothpicks, the florist tape.  The mysterious extra hardware from that impossible IKEA project.  The rolls of masking tape, the safety pins, and the spools of thread.  Campaign buttons and zip ties.  The super glue whose cap will no longer yield.  The compass that has never traveled beyond the perimeters of the house.  The acrylic paint tubes that are leaking from the seams.  It’s all there,  each item just awaiting its time to be of service.   And, in the ways of life, chances are most things that are rolling around in that drawer will see some use at some time or another.

So many odd pieces combine to make this thing called Life.  I do my best to be mindful and value all of the bits and scraps and tools that I have gathered and unceremoniously stored in the cosmic equivalent of my Junk Drawer.  These Junk Drawer posts will feature tools, gizmos, and supplies that I have chosen or created to help me grow my life in a rewarding and lovely way.  It is my hope that you, too, will enjoy their value.

Click on the goodies and do some daydreaming.  Daydreaming creates good feelings.  It allows our fancies to take flight and our creativity to bloom.  Take the time each day to daydream.  It feels good to root around in our assorted collection of miscellaneous and see what me might build from so many unrelated items.  What we create are the ideas that make us who we are.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?  To think that you can choose beautiful.   Be yourself.  And believe.  Rattle around in your own Mathom Drawer and see what you can create today.   “Always follow your dreams.  They know the way.” – Kobi Yamada

follow your dreams. they know the way. IMG_0704